Here are some of the BYGTWO contingent members (Gilwellians) who attended the Reunion through the years.
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    I attended the
Gilwell Reunion with
Bill is KING
The Marquee Decor
Guess who's coming to dinner! - WOW -
Cooper is real Cut-Up
Linda has the Munchies
The "AH-LO-A   (ha-ha) Dancers
Cooper and Vicky
Dave, Bob and Pappy
Dave, Bob and Cooper
- I never forget a face -
Evelyn with her Poi Balls
Bill and Evelyn
Adoptee Brigitte, visitors Lin, (?), Don and Jim 
   Everyone came for the FREE FOOD
Ian blowing the conch
King Bill in regal spendour
Norm designed our Crest
Pappy and Russ on KP
Sheila and Bill
Norm -   " ta-daaa "
Sheila, Brigitte and (Lin - Nottawasaga)
Sheila, Bob (at back) and Linda
Sheila, Linda and Evelyn
Tom, Bill and Linda
Tom, Linda and Stan
John and Stan
(Fred - the square dance caller - Mississauga),  Fred and Sender
                         - taking the night air at Gilwell
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Vicky and  John
(Pictures of 1981)
  Evening Activities....   HULA LESSONS
Our capable "Dancers" give Hula Lessons to all visitors brave enough to give it a try.