I attended the
Gilwell Reunion with
   Here are some of the BYGTWO Contingent members
(Gilwellians) who attended the Reunion through the years.
This is when the Contingent was still known as GTR.  The name was changed to BYGTWO for 1980 and the crest was designed and officially adopted in 1981.  - So you can call the inclusion of this entry "poetic Licence"..lol

The contingent is comprised of Scouters from  Baltimore, York, Glenmoore, Tadenac, Woodbine and Otetiana, - hence BYGTWO
Sheila .. always BEATING
       on something
Gene, Russ, Don, Larry and Dave
Ian with his visiting dad (AL -Peterborough)
Cooper with his "wake-up Juice"
Dave and Joan
Tom Points out where he's from
Yup, Hats are a BIG thing at Gilwell
               Larry and Linda
Ron, (maybe Peter), Jim and Norm
Norm and Al
Evelyn - with her Pink Bonnet trademark
Evelyn and Linda
(Visitor Ina -East Agincourt), Linda and Cooper
Linda and Cooper
Linda and Tom
Marg, Sender , Marion and Gene
Norm and Al (again)
Tom thinks he just might come back next year.
                    It's sure been FUN!
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Baltimore BUS BOSS                (?)
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(Pictures of 1979 & 1980)
Visitor (Ina -East Agincourt)
Brigitte's Best Side, Jim, Vicky, Sheila. Robert and Don
Doug & Linda
Dave & Marion
Ed, Alva and Larry
Evelyn & Ed
Gary & Larry Painting Faces
Ian and Marg
Jim on KP
'Smoke Signals' ??
   or dinner ???
Tom, Norm, Ian and Ina
or Handouts?
Larry and Alva