I attended the
Gilwell Reunion with
Pictures of 2008 and 2009
Year 2 of Sheila's term on Committee
and our job is Tea on the Lawn (again). 
Chucki, Sheila and Murray
Denny and Liz
Sheila, Murray, "waiter" Sue and Cameron
Sheila digs into Dessert
Sophie, (adoptee) Brigitte, Chucki and Sheila
Jack and Sophie
Our NameBoard lists who is here
The Year of the "Souper" Hero
... and ours comes with instructions.
Oops, that should read
"SUPER" Heros
..and ours are GREAT.
Jack and Peter
Denny on KP
Dinner looks pretty appetizing
As a "Working Contingent" we arrive in Camp and set up on the Thursday
... which means going "out" for dinner that evening.
Sophie and Chucki
Sue, Cameron
(and Brigitte)
Sophie & Chucki
All packed up for
the trip back home!
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It also means that this year we get a "Building" for us to sleep in
-- WhooPee!!!
It may be crowded, but it's high, dry and comfy and somewhat more convenient than tenting.
Year 3, the final year of Sheila's term on Committee and our job PARKING. 

It is also the Final Year for BYGTWO. After this Reunion BYGTWO will no longer exist.
We had a great time but we were just too busy to take pictures so that's all there is folks!
This year we joined Brownsea Contingent so from now on look for us in Brownsea