I attended the
Gilwell Reunion with
Pictures of 2004
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Ian and Peter
Ian's 2nd year means  Fire Control
Bob is Chief
A Visitor and Lapdog  Ian
Bob and Sophie
Fire Safety Check team  -Bob S, Peter and Don
Back Row - Murray, Dse, Denny, Bob M, Chucki, Bob S, ?,Bill, ?, and Dse
Front row Visitor, Sheila, Joan, Bernie and ?
Bob M and Sheila
Bob S, adoptee Brigitte and Bill
Brigitte points out trouble.
Peter, Don, Bernie, Visitor, Bill, Dse and Denny
Peter, Don, Bernie, Visitor, Sheila, Denny and Bill
Murray and Bob S
Where there's smoke,
there's breakfast
Big Kids LOVE Games - fill 'er up
Denny - the minute your back is turned... they sneak over the foul line
Bob S, Visitor Sandy and Bill
Sheila takes on all comers jousting
Adoptee Brigitte (Nottawasaga) and Bill
Which explains why Denny is a Happy Camper
BYGTWO boys Chuck and Denny visit a "Speakeasy"
Memorial Cairn
BYGTWO Gone Home plaque
Visitor Sandy, Denny and Jack
The woods are a peacefull setting Chucki, Sheila, Bob and Bill