I attended the
Gilwell Reunion with
Sender, Alva,  (?) and Roy
Pappy as Mary Pickford
  our "Cake Jumper"
"If I knew you were coming I'da baked a cake"
Pappy (as Mary Pickford) and his son, (?)
Sheila, Pappy, Jim, and visitors
Visitor (Paul -Centennial) demonstrating his cake-decorating technique
(Tea House Theme)
The Dragon
Sheila, Ruth, Val, Joan, Barb, Betty and Evelyn
(Back Row)  Evelyn, Barb, Val, Betty and Ruth
(Front Row)  Joan, the Dragon, and Sheila.
(Back L to R)  Mike, Peter, Morgan, Ian, Sender, Don,
                      (?), Gary, Ken, Alva and Jim
(Front)  (?) Jim and Burt
         Betty with a Visitor
Our "Give-Aways" are "Massages"
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(?).  Joan, Val and (?)
Here are some pictures of the BYGTWO Contingent members
  (Gilwellians) who attended the Reunion through the years.
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(Pictures of 1984 -85)
Val - "Walkin' the Walk"
(?) and (Pappy's son)
Roy, (Pappy's son), Alva's Best Side and Mary
Alva, (?) and Mike
Ruth and Carol
Visitor (Lloyd -Centennial)
Ken - with "Victim"
Don with "Client"
Back - Mike, Peter, Morgan, Ian, Sender, Don, (?),              Gary, Ken, Jimmy, Alva and Jim
Front - (?) Dragon, Him and Burt